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Animal Magnesium Brick

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  • Release date: 2020-03-04
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Livestock magnesia brick


With the continuous development of technology, more and more new products appear on the market, and the things we will encounter are becoming more and more abundant. The wholesale price of magnesium bricks provides us with more choices. When we need to use When it comes to a certain thing, we must first understand what it is, what it is useful for, and whether it is good or not. Let us take a lightweight refractory brick as an example to talk about what it is and related knowledge.

       What is a lightweight refractory brick? First understand from the definition of the name, refractory products with small density, light weight and low thermal conductivity are used for heat insulation. For example: clay insulation brick, high alumina poly light brick, mullai Stone insulation bricks, bleached pearl bricks, alumina hollow ball bricks, etc. are all lightweight refractory brick products.

The heat storage loss of industrial kiln masonry and the heat dissipation loss on the surface of the furnace body generally account for about 24 to 45% of the fuel consumption. Using light bricks with low thermal conductivity and small heat capacity as the structural material of the furnace body can save fuel consumption; Because the kiln can quickly heat up and cool down, it can improve the production efficiency of the equipment; it can also reduce the weight of the furnace body, simplify the kiln structure, improve product quality, reduce environmental temperature, and improve working conditions.



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