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What is the difference between the price of magnesium bricks and lightweight refractory bricks?


Because the price of magnesium bricks we don't know enough about many items that are not closely related to the price of magnesium bricks we have learned. Therefore, when we buy some items, the wholesale price of magnesium bricks cannot make our own accurate judgments. Can rely on the recommendation of the store to a large extent. So, in order to facilitate our lives, let's talk about the difference between lightweight refractory bricks and refractory bricks today!

Light refractory bricks generally refer to refractory bricks with a density of less than 1.3x103kg / m3. Because light refractory bricks have the characteristics of low density, high porosity, small thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation, and a certain compressive strength, etc. It has been widely used on devices.


The heat storage loss of industrial kiln masonry and the heat dissipation loss on the surface of the furnace body generally account for about 24 to 45% of the fuel consumption. Using light bricks with low thermal conductivity and small heat capacity as the structural material of the furnace body can save fuel consumption; meanwhile, Because the kiln can quickly heat up and cool down, it can improve the production efficiency of the equipment; it can also reduce the weight of the furnace body, simplify the kiln structure, improve product quality, reduce environmental temperature, and improve working conditions.

Notes on lightweight refractory bricks

1. The porosity of light refractory bricks is large, and the structure is loose. It cannot be used in the parts that directly contact the slag and liquid metal.

2, low mechanical strength, can not be used for load-bearing structures;

3.The abrasion resistance is very poor, and it is not suitable for the parts that are in contact with the charge and have severe wear.


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